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What is a BOC-3  form?

The BOC-3 form is the designation of process agents for which legal process can be served.  Multi-States will electronically file the BOC-3 form directly with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in Washington, D.C.


Why do I need process agents?

In the event of a law suit and/or other legal proceedings, court documents must be served in the state in which the legal proceedings are being held.

As a result, to be granted operating authority, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires motor carriers to maintain process agents in all states in which they operate into or through.  For brokers, process agents are required in each state they have an office or write contracts.  

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We hope you find the information on our site helpful. When you need a BOC-3 filed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (F.M.C.S.A.) please don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-238-8814.  

What is a process agent?

They are a legal resident of a state who will receive court documents on the motor carrier, broker or freight forwarders' behalf.  The agent will then relay the documents to the carrier.

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